Designating the regular backup user

Encryption License Key User Guide

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The regular encryption key backup function is available only when the key management server is used. If you want to enable the regular backup function, you must first designate a specific user as the regular backup user and then enter the credentials (user name and password) for the regular backup user in the Edit Encryption Environmental Settings window when you enable regular backups.

  • You must have the Security Administrator (View & Modify) role to perform this task.
  1. In the Device Manager - Storage Navigator Administration tree, expand User Groups, and then select the Security Administrator (View & Modify) user group.
  2. On the Users tab, click Create User.
  3. On the Create User window:
    1. In User Name, enter the desired user name (1-256 characters).
      You can use alphanumeric characters and the following symbols in the user name: # $ % & ' * + - . / = ? @ ^ _ ` { | } ~
    2. For Account Status, select Enable.
    3. For Authentication, select Local.
    4. In Password, enter the desired password (6-256 characters), and then enter the password again in Re-enter Password.
      You can use alphanumeric characters and all symbols in the password.
    5. Click Finish.
  4. On the confirmation window:
    1. In Task Name, enter the desired task name or accept the default task name.
    2. In Selected User, verify the information for the new user.
    3. If you want the Tasks window to open automatically after you click Apply, select Go to Tasks window for status.
    4. Click Apply.