Backing up the encryption keys to a file

Encryption License Key User Guide

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You can create secondary backups of the data encryption keys as a file on the Device Manager - Storage Navigator computer.

  • Confirm that the storage system is not processing any other tasks (click Tasks in the Explorer pane). You cannot back up the encryption keys while a task is in process on the storage system.
  • You must have the Security Administrator (View & Modify) role.
  1. On the Explorer pane, expand Administration, and then click Encryption Keys.
  2. On the Encryption Keys tab, select the data encryption keys you want to back up, and then click Backup Keys > To File.
  3. In the Backup Keys to File window, enter and re-enter the key restoration password (case sensitive), and then click Finish.
    Note: The character requirements for the key restoration password are displayed on the window. You can change these requirements using the Edit Password Policy (Backup Encryption Keys) window.
  4. In the Confirm window, confirm the settings, and enter a task name in Task Name.
    If you want the Tasks window to open after you click Apply, select Go to tasks window for status.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. In the message that appears, click OK.
  7. Select the location to which to save the backup file, and then type the backup file name using the extension .ekf.
  8. Click Save.

The files and passwords are not automatically backed up. You are responsible for backing up the files as needed and maintaining the key restoration passwords.