Creating and backing up encryption keys

Encryption License Key User Guide

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Encryption keys are commonly created in the storage system. However, when you use a key management server and enable the Generate Encryption Keys on Key Management Server option (Edit Encryption Environmental Settings window), encryption keys are created on a key management server and used in the storage system.

When encryption keys are created in the storage system, you must manually back up the encryption keys to a file or to a key management server. When you back up encryption keys manually to a file, you must specify the key restoration password. In configurations with an SVP, you can specify additional requirements for the key restoration password (for example, increasing the minimum number of characters, specifying the minimum number of uppercase letters, and so on).

When encryption keys are created on a key management server, the keys are automatically backed up when they are created. In addition, you can optionally schedule regular backups to the key management server, and you can change the regular backup schedule as needed.