Creating and verifying the mount directories for Solaris

Open-Systems Host Attachment Guide

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After you have created the file systems, you can create and verify the mount directories for the new SCSI disk devices. Each logical partition requires a unique mount directory, and the mount directory name should identify the logical volume and the partition.

  1. Go to the root directory, and display the current directory.
    # cd                                                        
    # pwd                                                        
  2. Use the mkdir command to create the mount directory. Choose a name for the mount directory that identifies both the logical volume and the partition. For example, to create a mount directory named VSP_LU00, enter: mkdir /VSP_LU00
    # mkdir /VSP_LU00                                           
    Tip: If you need to delete a mount directory, use the rmdir command (for example, rmdir /VSP_LU00).
  3. Use the ls -x command to verify the new mount directory.
    # ls –x                 
    VSP_LU00  bin    dev      device    etc      export correctly
    floppy     home   hstsboof kadb      kernel   lib
  4. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each logical partition on each new SCSI disk