Workflow for managing ShadowImage pairs

ShadowImage User Guide

Part Number

During most pair tasks, the P-VOL remains available to the host for I/O operations. You must have the Storage Administrator (Local Copy) role to perform SI pair tasks.

Complete the following steps to complete pair tasks:

  1. Check the SI pair status and the status of related L1 and L2 pairs to determine if you can perform a task.
  2. Create the SI pairs.
  3. (Optional) Suspend SI pair creation.
  4. (Optional) Suppress update copy operations during pair restoration.
  5. Split the pairs. You can do the following:
    • Split SI pairs.
    • Split SI pairs in a CTG.
  6. Resynchronize or restore the SI pairs.
  7. (Optional) If you have performed a Quick Resync on the pair (PAIR status), suppress copy processing.
  8. Delete the unnecessary SI pairs, which ends the pair relationship between the pair volumes.

It may be a long time before a ShadowImage copy operation starts, because differential tables are initialized for the relevant pairs, one pair at a time, before the copy operation starts. Especially when the pairs use a large volume of data, initialization can be a very long process.