Suspending ShadowImage pairs

ShadowImage User Guide

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When the following conditions apply, a ShadowImage pair is suspended, and the status of the pair is changed to PSUE:
  • the storage system detects an error condition related to an update copy operation
  • the storage system cannot keep the pair mirrored

At this time, write I/Os to the P-VOL continue and all tracks of the P-VOL are saved as differential data. When the pair is resynchronized, the pair status changes to Resync/PENDING, and the entire P-VOL is copied to the S-VOL. For a split pair, resynchronization is completed in a short time. But it takes the same period of time for a suspended pair to be resynchronized as the initial copy operation.

You can use CCI to change the status of the pair to PSUE by using the pairsplit -S command.

You can change the status of the pair to PSUE by using the following procedure.

  • You must have Storage Administrator (Local Copy) role.
  1. In the Explorer pane, click Storage Systems, expand the storage system tree, and then click Replication > Local Replication.
  2. In the Local Replication window, select the SI Pairs tab.
  3. On the SI Pairs tab, select the pair that you do not want to create, click More Actions > Suspend Pairs, and confirm the settings.

  4. Accept the default task name or enter a unique name.
    You can enter up to 32 letters, numbers, and symbols, except the following:

    \ / : , ; * ? " < > |

  5. If you want to monitor the task after submitting it, select Go to tasks window for status.
  6. Click Apply to submit the task.
    The pair is suspended (PSUE status).