Releasing differential data for ShadowImage pairs

ShadowImage User Guide

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When an SI pair contains a DP-VOL that is larger than 4,194,304 MB (8,589,934,592 blocks), the differential data is managed by the pool to which the pair is related. If differential data management fails due to insufficient pool capacity, you need to release the differential data (pages) managed in the pool. You also need to release pages when you downgrade to a microcode version that does not support SI pairs with volumes larger than 4,194,304 MB.

  1. Delete all pairs using the V-VOL that contains the differential data (pages) that needs to be released.
  2. Set system option mode 755 to OFF, so that you can reclaim zero pages.
  3. Restore the blocked pool.
  4. Release pages in the V-VOL.
    To release pages in Device Manager - Storage Navigator, use the Reclaim Zero Pages window. In CCI, use the raidcom modify ldev command. Releasing pages might take some time.