Creating L1 and L2 pairs with different topologies in HDvM - SN

ShadowImage User Guide

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Begin creating a pair by specifying the L1 and L2 pair topology in the Select Pair Configuration window of the Create Pairs wizard.

Specify the pair topology one time. This topology applies to all P-VOLs in the task.

To change L1 and L2 pair configuration, set the topology for the pair with the largest topology.

The following image shows an example of the P-VOL with the largest topology of all the pairs you create in a single task.

Example: Changing a pair L1 and L2 combination

You can change L1 and L2 pair configurations that do not match the specified configuration in the Create SI Pairs wizard. You can also change L1 and L2 pair configurations when you create a new pair using an existing P-VOL with an existing configuration.

For example, use the following steps to pair the L2 S-VOL labeled 4 (MU1) in the preceding topology with the L1 volume labeled 1 (MU0).

  1. Open the Select Secondary Volumes window of the Create SI Pairs wizard.

  2. From the Selected Pairs table, select the line for the S-VOL that has the pair topology you want to configure, and then click Edit Mirror Units.

  3. In the Edit Mirror Units dialog box, for Mirror Unit, select 0 for L1, and select 2 for L2.