Time until the copy processing fails

ShadowImage User Guide

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The time until the copy processing fails differs depending on the configuration.
  • When ShadowImage works alone, the available setting rage of the time is 1 to 31 seconds.
  • When the P-VOL of ShadowImage works with other software:
    Configuration Available setting range of the time until copy processing fails (seconds)
    Working with the P-VOL of other software1 1 to 31
    Working with the S-VOL of other software1, or working with both the P-VOL and S-VOL of other software1 Performing host I/O on the P-VOL of ShadowImage 1 to 31
    Performing host I/O on the P-VOL of other software1, 2 1 to 14
    1. Only TrueCopy, Universal Replicator, and global-active device apply. For other software, the configuration is regarded as the same as when ShadowImage works alone.
    2. The function of these options is disabled when host I/O is performed on the P-VOL of Universal Replicator.