Troubleshooting the creation of a migration project

Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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This topic describes how to recover from a failed task during the creation of a migration project.

  1. On the Tasks & Alerts tab, click the link for the failed task to display the Task Details window.
  2. Identify the cause of the failure reported by the error message in the Task Information table and take the appropriate action.
  3. Check the names of the failed subtasks in the Task Status Detail table.
  4. If one or more of the failed subtasks is listed in Completing a failed migration project, you can complete the failed project by following that procedure. Otherwise, follow the steps in Re-creating the migration project.

Re-creating the migration project

Follow these steps:

  1. If you are migrating a copy pair configuration and the Save Config Files subtask was successful, follow the instructions in Restoring the configuration definition file before proceeding.
  2. Delete the failed project as described in Deleting a migration project.
  3. Create a new project as described in Creating a migration project.

Completing a failed migration project

The subtasks listed in the following table can be completed by changing the options listed in the second column.

Table. Subtasks for Create Migration Project

Subtask name

Option in Editing a migration project

Map resource groups

Edit Resource Group Mapping

Map storage ports Mappings

Edit Port Mapping

Specify external paths

Edit External Path Setting

When you are finished, you can open the revised migration project and start over.

Restoring the configuration definition file

Backup copies of your configuration definition files are stored on the pair management server so that you can use them to re-create the migration project after resolving the cause of the failure. To restore a configuration definition file, copy the backup file to the appropriate destination.

Note: Copy only the configuration definition file that is associated with the failed task. Do not delete files from the backup folders.
  • To obtain the names of the pair management server and the configuration definition file, check the Task Details window.

  • The backup folder on the pair management server is in the following location:

    For Windows:


    For UNIX:


  • The destination for the copied files differs depending on the Device Manager agent settings:
    • The default location of the configuration definition files:

      For Windows: the System folder (indicated by the environment parameter %windir%)

      For UNIX: the /etc directory

    • If the default storage location of the configuration definition file was changed during setup, the location is stored in the server.agent.rm.horcmSource property of the Device Manager agent.