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Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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There are two ways to address a migration failure:

  • Fix the problem that caused the migration project or migration job to fail and use the HCS nondisruptive migration workflow to resume the migration.
  • Back out of the migration and return operations to the source storage system (or back out far enough to continue the migration from an earlier step).

This chapter consists of three main procedures:

Note: For a failed migration job, you should first attempt to restart the current task by using the Restart Task button. If this is unsuccessful, you can then proceed with the detailed troubleshooting procedure.

These procedures explain the operations necessary to move forward (or backward) in the migration process. Each procedure uses a series of action tables that explain the operations that must be performed manually (whether by using the GUI or command line) . About tasks and action tables explains the relationship between steps, tasks, and subtasks and how to use the action tables.

Figure. Master troubleshooting workflow