Universal Replicator volumes

Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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You can migrate the data of the primary volumes of Universal Replicator pairs. However, you cannot migrate Universal Replicator pair configurations using the HCS nondisruptive migration workflow. Instead, migrate the primary volumes using the nondisruptive migration procedure. When the migration is complete, you can create the Universal Replicator pairs in the target storage system manually using Replication Manager.

Note: A service engagement is recommended to migrate Universal Replicator pair configurations.

When migrating Universal Replicator volumes, the pair status is not retained. Because you are creating the pair after the primary volume data is copied from the source storage system to the target storage system, the pair status at the completion of data migration is PAIR. Also, differential information between the primary volume and the second volumes is not retained.

After specifying the consistency group number of the source storage system for the target storage system and then creating a Universal Replicator pair in the target storage system, you can migrate data by consistency group. However, consistency cannot be maintained during data migration.

The path from the secondary site server to the storage system of the target secondary site must be disabled during data migration.

Migratable configurations

The primary volume data is copied from the source storage system to the target storage system, and then a Universal Replicator pair is created in the target storage system. Therefore, data duplication can be maintained during migration.

Non-migratable configurations

You cannot migrate data for only the primary volume (P-VOL) or only the secondary volume.