Step 5: Unvirtualize source volumes

Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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Unvirtualize source storage system volumes in the target storage system.

  • The migration of the data must be completed.
  • Copy pair configuration migration workflow steps (started after step 3 or step 4) must be completed.
  • If the source volume is a ShadowImage copy pair volume, delete the source storage system copy pair before you unvirtualize the volume.
  1. On the Mobility tab, select Migration Projects.
  2. Expand the tree for a source storage system, and select a migration job.
  3. On the Data Migration Workflow tab, click Execute for Step 5: Unvirtualize Source Volumes.
    Note: To resume performing a step on one or more migration job resources, for example, resources with a failed step task or sub-task, select the resources, and from the Data Migration Actions menu, select the step to resume.
  4. Verify that the Plan Summary information is correct.
  5. Verify the list of source volumes to unvirtualize and their corresponding internal volume and parity group information.
  6. Verify the external paths to be unallocated.
  7. (Optional) Update the task name and provide a description.
  8. (Optional) Expand Schedule to specify the task schedule.
    You can schedule the task to run immediately or later. The default setting is Now. If the task is scheduled to run immediately, you can select View task status to monitor the task after it is submitted.
  9. Click Submit.
    If the task is scheduled to run immediately, the process begins.
  10. Confirm this task is Completed for the migration job.
Source volumes are unvirtualized and the migration job is completed.