Creating copy pairs on the target storage system

Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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Create ShadowImage pairs on the target storage system based on migrated configuration definition files.

  • Source volumes must be unallocated.
  • Migration of configuration definition files must be completed.
  1. On the Mobility tab, select Migration Projects.
  2. Expand the tree for a source storage system, and select a migration job.
  3. On the Copy Pair Configuration Migration Workflow tab, click Execute for Create ShadowImage Pairs.
  4. In the Create ShadowImage Pairs dialog box, select the copy group you want.
  5. Click Create Copy Pairs.
  6. In the Replication Manager Change Pair Status Wizard, on the Select Copy Pairs page, select the copy pair you want and click Next.
  7. On the Select Pair Operation page, review the copy pair information and click Next.
  8. On the Set Schedule page, select Execute on Schedule to schedule the task for a specific date and time, or select Execute Immediately, and then click Next.
    Note: You cannot edit the created task. If you want to reschedule the task, delete it and create a new task.
  9. On the Confirm page, verify the copy pair settings, select the check box labeled Yes. I have confirmed the above information and wish to change pair status, and then click Confirm.
  10. On the Finish page, confirm the task and then click Finish. The task is registered as a Replication Manager task.
  11. To verify the status of the Replication Manager task:
    1. On the Copy Pair Configuration Migration Workflow tab, click View HRpM Tasks to display the Replication Manager task list.
    2. Open the Create ShadowImage Pairs dialog box and check Status.
Copy pairs are created on the target storage system.

Restart the backup script of the backup server for the target storage system if necessary.