Tracking migration job status

Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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The status of migration jobs (and steps within the jobs) is displayed for each migration job.

Migration jobs must exist within a migration project.

  1. On the Mobility tab, select Migration Projects.
  2. Expand the tree and select a source storage system.
  3. In the Migration Jobs list, review the Data Migration Status column for one or more listed migration jobs.

    Data migration status values are:



    Waiting for Action

    Waiting for you to take action.


    Scheduled task.

    In Progress

    Running task.


    Successful task.


    Unsuccessful step or substep in the task. You must determine the cause and perform recovery steps.

    Waiting for Action (Manually recover)

    Waiting for you to take action to recover from a previously failed step or substep in a task. This status indicates that the recovery process involves reverting to a previous state, before the failed task occurred. You set this status as part of the recovery process, and then resume the task to complete the step.

    Completed (Manually recover)

    You have resolved an issue that caused a failed state. You set this status as part of the recovery process to clear the failure and allow the migration to proceed.

  4. To review detailed migration job status, select a migration job from the tree, or click a migration job link.
  5. Check the status of migration steps by clicking the Hosts, Volumes, Config Files, or Copy Pairs tabs.
    Tip: The Volumes tab provides links for Source and Target volumes, and for each step status, providing direct access to volume details and task status information. Column Settings is configurable for relating volumes to a variety of resources, such as host or virtualized information used for migration.
  6. Click the Tasks tab to see all migration job related tasks, or click the Tasks & Alerts tab, and then click HCS Tasks to see all migration tasks for all migration jobs.