Deleting a migration project

Nondisruptive Migration User Guide

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You can delete a migration project that has no active tasks. You might want to delete a migration project after the migration is complete or if the migration fails and you want to try again by creating another migration project. This procedure deletes the settings associated with the migration project. It does not delete the individual tasks in the project.

Verify that there are no tasks that are active for the migration jobs in the migration project.

If a virtual storage machine used for migration contains a storage system other than the target storage system, do not delete the migration project. Otherwise, a migration project with the same configuration cannot be re-created. Make sure there is no configuration that needs to be migrated before deleting a migration project.
  1. On the Mobility tab, select Migration Projects.
  2. Expand the tree and select a target storage system.
  3. In the Migration Projects list, select a migration project.
  4. From the Migration Project Actions menu, select Delete Migration Project.
  5. Verify that the plan is correct, and then click Submit.
    The plan is registered as a task.
  6. Check the task results in the Tasks & Alerts tab.
The migration project is deleted.