Product overview

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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You can use Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer to inventory stored data, identify content, view usage, and tier files and objects into long term or deep archival storage. You can take rule-driven actions about data lifecycles to account for compliance, manage costs, and mitigate risks, using a set of convenient tools and self-service processes for sustainable improvements in data management. The benefits of using Data Storage Optimizer apply regardless of the vendor you use and extend across local, cloud, and core environments. If needed, you can restore tiered files at any time.

Data Storage Optimizer provides you with the following key capabilities:

  • File identification and classification.
  • Rule-based governance of data storage location, life cycle, retention, and access.
  • Rules-driven tiering and purging.
See the following articles for information about installation, operation, and use of Data Storage Optimizer: