Creating a rule definition

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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Perform the following steps to create a rule definition to tier, purge or rehydrate files:

  1. On the Menu, click Management.
    The Manage Your Environment page opens.
  2. On the Rules card, click Add New, and then select Add Rule Definition from the menu.
    The Rule Definition page opens.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name the rule definition.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description for the rule definition.
  5. In Object is, select the object type.
    • Choose Folder to apply the rule definition at the folder level.
    • Choose File to apply the rule definition at the file level.
  6. Define the condition for evaluation using an SQL query as needed.
    • Choose OR to identify when any condition is satisfied.
    • Choose AND to identify when all conditions are satisfied.
      Note: You can only perform AND operations on the same attribute by adding another group to the query. For example, if you want to create an operation to find Name contains test AND Name contains data, then you need to nest this using Add Group.
  7. Click Add Condition to define the rule's conditions.
    1. In Attribute, select the attribute that you want to use to target the action.
      Available terms will depend on those tagged in Data Catalog.
    2. In Operator, select the operator that you want to use.
      Available operators will depend on the selected Attribute.
    3. In Value, select the value you want to use.
      Available values will vary based on the chosen Operator.
    4. Optionally, click Add Group to nest a query when performing multiple AND operations on the same attribute, or to create other complex queries.
    5. Click Add Action and select Start Process.
  8. In Select Process, select the operation that you want to perform:
    • Choose Move to perform tiering.
    • Choose Delete to perform purging.
    • Choose Rehydrate to perform rehydration.
  9. If you chose Move, above, select your data target for tiering in Destination Data Asset.
  10. Click Save.
    The rule definition is saved.