Rule definitions

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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You use rule definitions to create the criteria and action performed by a rule on folders or files.

Click Definitions on the Rules card to open the Rule Definitions table on the Manage Business Rules page.

Rule Definitions table

The information in the Rule Definitions table is described below.

Column Description
Rule Definition The name of the rule definition.
Description The description of the rule definition.
Created By The creator of the rule definition.
Rule Type The type of rule definition.
Applied Rule Identifies whether the rule definition was applied.
Controls the state of the rule definition:
  • Click Enabled to enable the rule definition for use.
  • Click Disabled to disable the rule definition.
View Click to view the rule definition.
The More options icon:
  • Click and choose Edit to edit the rule definition.
  • Click and choose Delete to delete the rule definition.
The Delete icon. Click to delete a rule definition.
Click Add Rule Definition to add a new rule definition. See the following topics when working with rule definitions: