Creating a metadata rule

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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Perform the following steps to create a new metadata rule:

  1. On the Menu, click Management.
    The Manage Your Environment page opens.
  2. On the Rules card, click Add New, and then select Add Rule from the menu.
    The Add Rule page opens.
  3. Enter the Rule Name.
  4. Select the Source Data Asset.
  5. In Select rule definition, select the rule definition if you have already created it, or click Create Rule Definition to create a rule definition.
  6. Select Run rule definition now to immediately execute the new rule definition.
  7. Additionally, you can select Add Schedule to set an hourly, daily, or a specific time and day to run the metadata rule.
  8. Click Apply.
    The metadata rule is created and applied.
To monitor the progress of the metadata rule, click the History tab to view the status.