Metadata rules

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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You use metadata rules to execute rule definitions on a selected data source.

Click Rules on the Rules card to open the Metadata Rules table on the Manage Business Rules page.

Metadata Rules table

The information in the Metadata Rules table is described below.

Column Description
Metadata Rule The name of the metadata rule.
Datasource The data source type.
Rule Type The type of metadata rule.
Owner The creator of the metadata rule.
Last Run The date and time of the last execution of the metadata rule.
Schedule The scheduled time for the metadata rule’s execution if applied.
Click View to open the configuration and history of the metadata rule:
  • The Configuration tab lists the metadata rule name, data source asset, and rule definition, and allows you to select Run rule definition now for immediate execution.
  • The History tab lists previous rule executions including the data source, time, status, and allows you to select Terminate to disable the rule. Click Statistics to view the success and failure details of the operation.
The More options icon:
  • Click and choose Run to run the metadata rule.
  • Click and choose Edit to edit the metadata rule.
  • Click and choose Delete to delete the metadata rule.
The Run icon. Click to execute the metadata rule.
The Delete icon. Click to delete the metadata rule.
Click Add Rule to add a new metadata rule. See the following topics when working with metadata rules: