Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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If your role allows it, you can use Data Storage Optimizer to simplify data management by setting up business rules to automate your data tiering, purging, and rehydration operations. By automating these processes, you can save time and effort, while minimizing the potential for errors.

Data Storage Optimizer's rules engine runs within a framework that allows you to set the scope and action of rule-performed operations. It is a best practice to use the following workflow when creating business rules for automated data tiering, purging, and rehydration operations:
  1. Create a rule definition. A rule definition sets the criteria and the action of the rule, which is translated and evaluated into a query for execution against every qualifying resource.
  2. Create a metadata rule. A metadata rule can perform an array of tasks on a selected data source.
Note: To perform rules-governed data operations, you may also need to perform some tasks in Data Catalog. See Workflows.

Click Rules or Definitions on the Rules card to open the Manage Business Rules page.

Manage Business Rules page

You can use the Manage Business Rules page to view, create, edit, and delete rule definitions and metadata rules.