Data Operations

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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You can monitor, verify, and examine details about your past, current, and pending data operations on the Data Operations page. Information about tiering, purging, and rehydration operations can be used to manage your files. You can filter operations using the Completed and Failed buttons. In addition, you can enter folder and file names in Search to search the Data Operations page for the results of the operations.

Click Submitted, Completed, or Failed on the Data Operations card to open the Data Operations page.

Data Operations page

The tabular information shown on the Data Operations page is described below.

Column Description

More options icon. Click More options and choose Rehydration to rehydrate a file.

See Rehydration.

Name Name of the file.
Path Path of the file.
Source The source of the file.
Type The action performed or scheduled.
Icon Definition
File tiered.
File purged.
File rehydrated.
Destination The destination of the file.
Source Type The source type of the file. See Data sources.
Destination Type The data target type for the tiered or rehydrated file.
Status The status of the data operation:
  • INIT (Initializing)
Tag The tag applied to the file.
Action The method used to initiate the operation:
  • UI
  • RULE
File Format The file format of data.
Size The size of the file.
Message The message returned about the data operation by Data Storage Optimizer.
Started Time the operation began.
Ended Time the operation ended.
Time taken Total time taken for the operation.

You can use the Data Operations page to understand the results of your data operations. Click Completed to sort the data according to completed operations. Click Failed to sort the data according to failed operations.

You can perform the following tasks: