Checklist for infrastructure requests

Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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Perform the following tasks as needed to prepare your environment for Data Storage Optimizer:
  • Request a Virtual Machine (VM) on Azure, AWS, or on-premises.
  • Request IDs with remote access permissions to the VM on your cloud or on-premises.
  • Request necessary access to systems, applications, and data sources.
  • Request VDI or VPN access for Data Storage Optimizer data engineers to enable remote access to the VM.
  • Request a database user account (service account) or logins for connecting to the data sources.
  • Make sure the database user account has read-only permissions for the database objects.
  • Make sure that your system owner or Database Administrator (DBA) has copied or extracted any required data or files.
  • Obtain an SSL certificate from a certificate authority. If required by your organization's security policy, raise an infrastructure support request for an SSL certificate. The certificate authority will give you a key file and a certificate file.