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Using Pentaho Data Storage Optimizer

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The Home page is the landing page for your access to the features and functions of Data Storage Optimizer. Comprised of three sections, the page provides an overview of your recent activity and the available options based on your role. You can also begin searching for your data, operations, and rules.

Home page

Section Name
1 User menu
2 Menu
3 Quick actions and Your recent activity

User menu

You can access the user menu, at the top of the page, to switch applications and access help. The following table details the features.

Icon Name Function
App Switcher Click the App Switcher icon to toggle between the Data Storage Optimizer and Data Catalog applications.
Help Click the Help icon to go to the Data Storage Optimizer documentation.


Use the Menu, along the left side of the page, to access the key features available to you in Data Storage Optimizer. The following table lists the Menu icons and the features they access.

Icon Name Feature

Home Opens the Home page. It also returns you to the Home page from your current location. You can customize this landing page.

See Quick actions and Your recent activity.


Opens the Manage Your Environment page, where you can manage your data sources, operations, and rules.

See Management.

Dashboards Opens the Overview dashboard, where you can view summary information about your data sources. You can also access the Temperature dashboard to view summary information about the temperatures of your files.

See Dashboards.

Quick actions

Use the Quick actions section, in the center of the page, to review data temperature, management, and exploration features, as described in the table below.

Click Edit to customize the content of the section. You can choose which Shortcuts to include.

Quick actions Description
Data Temperature View and create definitions for Data Temperature terms.

Click Check Data Temperature to access the Business Glossary.

See Assign data temperatures.

Manage Manage your data sources, operations, and rules.

Click Open Management to open the Manage Your Environment page.

See Management.

Explore your data Browse your data to gain data insights. Also, manually migrate or delete files.

Click Open Data Canvas to access the Data Canvas.

See Explore your data.

Your recent activity

Use the Your recent activity section, in the center of the page, to review and access your recent work, as described in the table below.

Click Edit to customize the layout of the section. You can choose which Tables are included and a Vertical or Stacked layout.

Your recent activity Description
Data Operations

Displays your data operations.

Click the icon to open the Data Operations page and view the operations details. You can also search file names by entering terms in the Search field.

See Data Operations.

Capacity Migrated Provides a line chart plot of the scanned content and tiered data. You can rollover the graphic to view detailed information.
Rules Executed

Displays the pending rules and executed rules with the time of completion.

Click the icon to open the Rule Definition page to view the rule's criteria and history. You can also search rule names by entering terms in the Search field.

See Rules.


You can use the Overview and Temperature dashboards to view reports about migrated, deleted, and rehydrated data by its source and type. Across the top of each dashboard, cards display key performance indicators (KPIs) with trend indications for the previous 24-hour period. Several different visualizations with rollovers allow you to glean insights and understanding about scope, temperature, type, and age of the data. You can also control the granularity of the data shown using the date range selector and by applying filters to narrow and target the results.

Click Dashboards to open the Overview dashboard.

  • The Overview dashboard includes KPIs and trend indications about files in the connected File Servers and Object Stores. Graphic information about your data is also provided. You can select a period and data type to examine activity. Depending on the selected date range, filters can be applied to examine data during that period. The Overview dashboard includes the following visualizations:
    • Files by Temperature is a bar chart showing the file distributions by policy across temperature types, including moved files. See Dictionaries and data patterns in Get started with Pentaho Data Catalog for policy details.
    • Files By Type is a line chart showing the temperature distributions by file extension for a selected period.

    Overview dashboard

  • The Temperature dashboard includes KPIs and trend indications for the Policy id, Policy Name, Policy Start Date, Policy Type, and Unclassified data, a date range selector, data source filter, and three visualizations.

    On the Overview dashboard, click More options () and choose Temperature to view the Temperature dashboard.

    Temperature dashboard
    • Total Datasource Files displays a ring chart of total identified files.
    • Datasource Files by Temperature displays a bar chart showing the distribution of files by data source and temperature tag.
    • Files by Temperature displays a line chart of total identified files and types for a selected period.