Make a model available as a data source

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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After you have created a domain with at least one model using the Metadata Editor, you can make it appear in the data source lists for the User Console and client tools by publishing the model to the Pentaho Server. Save the model before you try to publish it.
  1. In the Pentaho Metadata Editor go to File > Publish to Server.
    The Publish to Server dialog box appears.
    Publish to Server dialog box
  2. Enter the Web Publish URL, which is the Pentaho Server base URL followed by the publish service name.
    RepositoryFilePublisher is the default.
  3. Enter the Server Userid.
    The default is admin.
  4. Enter the Server Password.
    The default is password.
  5. Enter the Domain Name, which is the domain name of the solution to which you want to publish.
  6. Click OK to save and exit the dialog box.
The model is saved to the Pentaho Server in the solution repository as an XMI file. If this file already exists, you are prompted to overwrite it.