Publish a domain to the Pentaho Server

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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You can share an XML representation of your domain with a Pentaho solution that your Pentaho Server recognizes, so that the server can access the metadata domain and its contents.

The implementation of metadata in the Pentaho Server requires that you follow some basic rules:

  • There can only be one metadata domain per Pentaho solution.
  • The metadata domain is associated with the solution by placing the XML format of the domain in the root directory of the solution.
  • The domain XML file must be [myBusinessModel].xmi, where [myBusinessModel] is any name you want to give the model.

You can accomplish this by using the Pentaho Metadata Editor Publish feature, or you can export your domain file and copy it manually to the solution repository folder associated with the solution.

Once you have published a model, it becomes available as a public data source, unless you add security to the metadata business objects. Published models appear as data sources for these Pentaho design tools and components:

  • Report Designer
  • Interactive Reports
  • Dashboard Designer