Map the appropriate role

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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Perform the following steps to map roles:
  1. Find all references to the bean id="Mondrian-UserRoleMapper" and make sure that the only mapper uncommented (active) is the one shown in the following code example:
    <bean id="Mondrian-UserRoleMapper" name="Mondrian-SampleUserSession-UserRoleMapper" class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.mondrian.mapper.MondrianUserSessionUserRoleListMapper" scope="singleton">
      <property name="sessionProperty" value="MondrianUserRoles" />
  2. If you have made any changes to pentahoObjects.spring.xml, save and close the file.
You have now effectively worked around the security features of the Pentaho Server. If you are using the relational metadata database model, refer to Remove Security from Metadata Domain Repository for the next few steps.