Configure the security service

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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The Pentaho Metadata Editor must be configured to connect to your Pentaho Server so that it can retrieve usernames, roles, and access control lists. You must know the base URL for the Pentaho Server (the default URL is http://localhost:8080/pentaho), as well as the name of the service to execute security information retrieval. The service that retrieves security information is ServiceAction.

Perform the following steps to define your security settings:

  1. From the Pentaho Metadata Editor main window, select Tools > Security.
    The Security Service dialog box appears.
  2. Type the correct URL in the Service URL text box.
  3. Select the level of detailed security information you want: All, Users, or Roles.
    If you have hundreds of users in your system, you probably only want to return the roles, then use roles for security information properties. The access control lists are returned with all three options.
  4. Type admin in the User Name text field.
    This is the default Admin user for the Pentaho User Console.
  5. Type password in the Password text field.
    This password is associated with the default Admin user.
  6. Click Test.
    If the information you entered is correct, a listing of users and roles appears, as shown in the following example:
    Security Service dialog box
  7. Click OK to exit the test results, and then click OK to exit the Security Service dialog box.