Custom table joins

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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You can also use a custom property to create table joins in Metadata Editor. To do this, you must define the custom property as path_build_method with a valid value. The following table defines the valid values for custom table joins:

Value Description
ALL Use all tables and joins.
ANY_RELEVANT Use all joins that lead to any used table even if there is more than one path.
CLASSIC Use the old generation method.
FIRST_SHORT Returns the first path that only contains no duplicate joins between tables.
LOWEST_SCORE Returns a path that chooses all joins that will create the smallest score based on the estimated size of a table.
SHORTEST (Default) Returns a path connecting every required table with the smallest number of joins.

The generator defaults to SHORTEST if the property is not found in the model.

If this is determined to be too risky, then a Boolean value can be toggled in SqlGenerator or SQLGenerator to preferClassicShortestPath when set to true. Both classes will use CLASSIC if no setting is found in the model.