Manage international locales

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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Pentaho Metadata Editor supports multiple locale entries for any text or string-based metadata property. You must first specify the locales you want to include in your model by using the Locales Editor.

Perform the following steps to set up locales:

  1. In the Pentaho Metadata Editor, go to Tools > Locales Editor.
  2. Place your cursor in the first column of the first empty row in the Locales Editor main table, as shown in the following example:

    Locales tab, Pentaho Metadata Editor
  3. Type the Java Locale code of the language you want to add in the next column.
  4. Specify the order in which you want this locale to be used.
    In the example above, English (American) is designated as the first language (Order = 1).
  5. Type a Y in the last column to activate the locale, or an N to de-activate it.
  6. Click Apply Changes when you are done.