Build a business view

Pentaho Metadata Editor

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The last step in creating a business domain is building your business view. A business view is a collection of business categories that represents the view of your model typically consumed by your end users. Each model can have one and only one business view. Business views are made up of logically (logically relevant to your organization or end-users) organized business categories and business columns.

A business category is like a bucket where you group and re-group your business columns. Business categories can mimic your business table names or be named after your favorite rock stars. Categories do not have metadata associated with them, have no tie back to any business table (although the editor graph gives you the impression this relationship exists; don't be fooled), and have the simple purpose of allowing you to bucket the business columns in your model as intuitively as possibly for your data consumers.

Building a business view consists of creating your categories, then moving your business columns from the business tables into the categories. You can move columns from different business tables into the same category, and even duplicate the same business column into two different categories.