Build concepts

Pentaho Metadata Editor

Part Number
The set of instructions below is an example of how to build a concept:
  1. On the main page of the Pentaho Metadata Editor toolbar, click the Pencil icon top open the Concept Editor.
  2. With the Base concept selected in the Concepts list, click the Plus Sign to add concepts. Add a nested concept. Name this concept, Number.
  3. Make sure the Number concept is selected in the Concepts list.
    Note that the properties from Base have been inherited by Number.
  4. Add a Mask property to Number, with a value of $###,##0.00.
  5. With Number selected in the Concepts list, add another nested concept called ID.
  6. Select ID in the Concepts list, find the inherited Mask property (under Settings).
  7. Click the override icon and enter an override value of 0 (zero) for the mask.
    Note: You now have three defined concepts that can be used anywhere in your business model. Each concept serves a different type of business object: Base for default, generic columns; Number for those columns you know contain numeric financial data; and, ID for ID columns.
  8. Click OK to save the concepts.