Use Aggregate Advisor

Pentaho Aggregation Designer

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If you are unfamiliar with aggregate table design and need help creating aggregates to optimize a cube, you can rely on the Aggregate Advisor to provide you with a list of recommendations. The Pentaho Aggregation Designer uses your schema file and the data in your database to create aggregate definitions.

To display recommended aggregates, perform the following steps.

  1. In the Pentaho Aggregation Designer toolbar, click Advisor.
  2. Specify your Advisor Input Parameters.
    Max Aggregates
    Allows you to specify the maximum number of aggregates you want the Advisor to recommend.
    Max Time to Run
    Allows you to specify the maximum amount of time (in seconds) you want the Advisor to run before making recommendations.
    Note: Allowing the Advisor to run for longer periods of time allows for more potential recommendations to be evaluated and results in more accurate recommendations.
  3. Click Recommend.
    The Advisor runs for a few seconds before it displays an initial list of recommended aggregates. The Advisor is designed to keep running until it finds an optimal solution. If you stop the Advisor prematurely, the Advisor returns the best set of recommendations it has found up to the point when it was stopped.