Get started with the Pentaho Aggregation Designer

Pentaho Aggregation Designer

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The Pentaho Aggregation Designer workspace is shown below.
Custom aggregates

The Aggregation Designer contains the following sections:

Impact Summary
The impact summary in the lower right pane provides you with information on the estimated impact for creating all of the currently selected aggregates. This summary includes the number of aggregate tables that will be created, the estimated number of rows contained in those tables, and the estimated amount of space it will occupy on the hard drive. The impact summary is automatically updated as you select and deselect aggregates from the list of proposed aggregates.
Cost/Benefit Chart
The Cost/Benefit chart provides a high-level comparison of the benefit of all currently selected aggregates relative to their estimated cost. The benefit scale represents the relative number of queries that can be fulfilled by an aggregate table versus having to be retrieved from the base fact table. The cost scale is an indicator of the impact in terms of number of tables and disk space needed to create the selected aggregate recommendations.
File Menu
You can save all aggregate-related data (custom- or advisor-created) in your workspace at any time. Saving ensures that all of the data (your designs) in the workspace is retained; you are saving the state of your workspace as an XML file in a location you specify. To save, go to the File menu and click Save As. To open a saved file, go to the File menu and click Open, then navigate to the design you previously saved.