Determine when to show a custom action

Pentaho Schema Workbench

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There is also another feature to validate whether a custom action link should be included in the context menu or not. You can implement a validation function which returns false to hide the link in the UI. If this validation function is not implemented, then the link will always be shown. This validation function must be named by suffixing the custom action JavaScript function name with _validate.

In this example, the Custom action 1 menu item will not be included if the user right-clicks on a Measure cell where the current context includes Territory: Japan:

cv.extension.customHandlerOne_validate = function (report, formula, ctx, filter) {
var territory = ctx['[Markets].[Territory]'];
if (territory == "[Markets].[Japan]")
return false;
return true;

Notice how Custom action 1 was not included in the above menu.