Configure default values in filter dialog

Pentaho Schema Workbench

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When filtering on a level, by default, the filter dialog box will show the first N values as configured by the filter.members.max.count property. However, if you want to show a relative range of time periods, you can set the AnalyzerDateFilterStart and AnalyzerDateFilterEnd annotations to specify a range of time periods relative to the current date. For example, if for the Date level, you want to show the Last 30 Days, Today and Next 7 Days, you can set AnalyzerDateFilterStart to -30 and AnalyzerDateFilterEnd to 7. AnalyzerDateFilterStart can contain a negative or zero integer indicating a previous time period or the current time period as a starting range. AnalyzerDateFilterEnd can contain a zero or positive integer indicating a current or future time period as an ending range.

When using the range filter, you can also set the default value for the Before, After and Between operators using the AnalyzerDateFilterDefaultStart and AnalyzerDateFilterDefaultEnd annotations. For example, if you want to set the Before, After and the Between Start and End values to the Current Date, you can set AnalyzerDateFilterDefaultStart and AnalyzerDateFilterDefaultEnd to 0. The values specified for AnalyzerDateFilterDefaultStart and AnalyzerDateFilterDefaultEnd must be within the range specified by AnalyzerDateFilterStart and AnalyzerDateFilterEnd.