Create a report

Pentaho Report Designer

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To create a report in Report Designer, follow this process.

  1. Connect to a data source (usually a database, yet you can also pull data from a flat file). Learn more
  2. Get your data with a query. Learn more
  3. Arrange data elements in the Report Designer workspace. Learn more
  4. Apply formatting to report elements. Learn more
  5. Add chart elements. Learn more
  6. Create formulas or calculated fields using data retrieved from your query. Learn more
  7. Publish the report, either to the Pentaho Server, or locally as a PDF or other supported file format. Learn more
Your report will consist mostly of data retrieved from a database query that you will create through Report Design Wizard, SQL Query Designer, MQL Query Builder, or by hand. Once you have a dataset, you are able to further constrain it to show specific details, and then move on to report layout and design.