The report workspace

Pentaho Report Designer

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The workspace is dominated by the layout bands, which define each individual portion of the report. The currently selected band's label will always be highlighted in gray, as shown with the page header band in the graphic below.

The following bands of the Report Designer are:

Page Header
represents the top of each report page. On the first page of a multi-page report, the page header is at the absolute top, above the report header.
Report Header
contains report elements just below the page header, but only on the first page of the report. The report header only appears once per report; it is not repeated on subsequent pages in the same report.
contains middle-of-the-page report elements. This is where most of your report data should go, and ordinarily represents the largest portion of your report pages.
Report Footer
appears at the bottom of the last page of the report, just above the page footer. Like the Report Header, it only appears once per report.
Page Footer
appears at the bottom of every page in a report.

You can also create groups for various report elements, with each group having its own header and footer bands in the workspace. All of the report bands can be resized by dragging their resize handles, or by moving report elements down past the bottom border. For this reason, report elements cannot be dragged from one band to another; they must be cut from the first band and pasted into the second.

If you would like to change the size of the layout bands to give yourself more area to work in without changing the dimensions of the published report, you can click and drag the percentage number in the upper left corner of the workspace. By default it says 100%, but if you click and drag it diagonally toward the upper left or lower right corners, the view will zoom in or out. If you want to reset the view to 100%, double-click the upper left corner where the percentage shows.