Text styles

Pentaho Report Designer

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Text styles control the font and font properties pertaining to the text of the selected element.

Note: For elements that control colors, possible values are standard HTML color names (red, blue, green, black, etc.) or hexadecimal color values (#000000, #FFFFFF, #CCFF00, etc.)
Property Name Data Type Purpose
h-align Selection Horizontally aligns the selected content within this element
v-align Selection Vertically aligns the selected content within this element
v-align-in-band Selection An extended text-alignment that allows fine control on how inline-text is aligned within a line
text-wrap Boolean A flag indicating whether text will automatically wrap at the end of the line
text-color Selection The text (foreground) color.
bg-color Selection The element's background color.
line-height Integer Defines the height of a single text line. Is always greater or equal to the font size
overflow-text String A text quote that is printed if the given text does not fully fit into the element bound
trim Boolean A flag indicating whether leading and trailing white spaces will be removed
trim-whitespace Selection Controls how the renderer treats white spaces
bg-ext String An extended foreground paint property. Expert option
encoding Boolean Specifies the target text-encoding for the given field, in case the output supports per-field encodings