Image functions

Pentaho Report Designer

Part Number

The Image category contains functions.

Function Name Purpose
Area Chart See Area
Bar Chart See Bar
Bar Line Chart See Bar Line Combination
BarCode A simple barcode chart available through the Report Designer palette
Bubble Chart See Bubble
Extended XY Line Chart See XY Extended Line (XY Step, XY StepArea, XY Difference)
Line Chart See Line
Multi Pie Chart See Multi-Pie
Pie Chart See Pie
Radar Chart See Radar
Ring Chart See Ring
Scatter Plot Chart See Scatter Plot
Sparkline Creates a Sparkline chart element. See Create a Sparkline Chart for more details.
Survey Scale A sliding scale chart element.
Waterfall Chart See Waterfall
XY Area Chart See XY Area
XY Bar Chart See XY Bar
XY Line Chart See XY Line