Page numbering

Pentaho Report Designer

Part Number

Perform the following steps to use a function to add page numbers to your report:

  1. Select the Data pane in the Report Designer interface.
  2. Right-click the Functions section of the Data pane, then select Add Functions from the context menu.
    The Add Function dialog box will appear.
  3. Double-click the Common category in Functions.
  4. Click Page of Pages, then click OK.
    A new Page of Pages function will be added to your Functions list.
  5. Drag a new text-field element to either the Page Header or Page Footer band.
  6. Select the new text-field element, then go to the Attributes pane.
    You must select the Structure tab in order to access the Attributes pane.
  7. In the field attribute's drop-down list, select the Page of Pages function that you created earlier.
You now have a page number printed in the header or footer of every page in your report. You can adjust the size and position of this element to match your preferences.