Apply query filters

Pentaho Report Designer

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Perform the following steps to apply filters to your query:
  1. Select a schema filter in the menu above the lower left pane and ensure the type filter is set to Tables.
  2. In the lower left pane, click to select the first table from which you want to refine data, then double-click it to move it to the query workspace.
    As shown in the following example, the table you selected appears in the workspace as a sub-window containing all its rows:
    Query filters in the SQL Query Designer
  3. Check all the rows you want to include in the query.
    By default, all rows are selected. If you only want to select a few rows (or a single row) in your query, click the table name at the top of the sub-window, then click deselect all in the popup menu, and check only the rows you want to include in your query.
  4. Repeat the previous step for other tables you want to include in the SQL query.