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Pentaho Report Designer

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The following attributes belong to the table-of-contents property:

Attribute Name Purpose Values
group-fields Defines both the depth of the data-collection and the fields from which to read the group-value-X values. If the group-field given in the array is empty, the field value will be read from the current relational group and in the details-processing, the value will be null. If the group-fields list is empty, an automatic mode is activated that collects all groups extracting the group-value from the relational group.
title-field Defines a field in the master-report that will be read for a valid item-title Any column field or function
title-formula Defines a formula that is evaluated when a new item has been collected. The formula will only be evaluated if the title-field is not set. Formula
collect-details Defines, whether detail items should be included in the data-collection. Boolean; default is false.

This attribute consumes a significant amount of system memory. Do not use this attribute on reports that are over a million rows.

index-separator Defines the separator text that is used between the index-elements. String; default is comma (,).