Pentaho Report Designer

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The following attributes belong to the common property:

Attribute Name Purpose Values
type Defines the type of element. Predefined and locked as an element type.
field-name Defines the existing field to use. String; there is no default, you must define a value manually.
value Defines a hard coded value instead of a field. String or integer; no default value.
group-fields Defines the field to group by. String or integer; no default value.
resource-value A resource string found within the resource bundle. String; no default value.
resource-identifier Defines the file that contains resource strings. String; no default. This is a properties file, including the path.
name The name you want to assign to this element. String; no default value.
output-format Sets preferred output type for the report. String; no default value. Possible values are: html, pdf, xls, rtf, csv, xml.
lock-output-format Locks the output type specified in the output-format attribute so that no other output type can be chosen. Boolean; default is false.
auto-submit If selected, your parameterized reports will automatically update based on the current selection in your parameter lists. If un-checked, parameter selections will not automatically change the report data; report users will have to select a new parameter value and then click View Report to update the report. Boolean; default is false.
format Sets the Java format string. String; there is no default. Must be in the Java number or date format.
if-null If the defined field or value returns null, show the value defined here. Boolean; default value is false.
message-null-value If the message returns null, then return the value defined here. String; no default value.
arc-height Defines the arc (corner) height of a rectangle. Integer; default value is 0.
arc-width Defines the arc (corner) width of a rectangle. Integer; default value is 0.
data-cache Determines whether parameter result sets are cached, which would reduce the amount of reload time when switching parameters in a rendered report. This option can be further configured through the org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic. core.cache.InMemoryCache.CachableRowLimit and org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic. core.cache.InMemoryCache.MaxEntries engine settings. Boolean; default is True (cache is turned on).