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Pentaho Report Designer

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You can also add hyperlinks to charts with Pentaho Report Designer.

A chart can link to the three following location types;

Location Type Description Generated Link Example
Pentaho Repository Creates a context link on the Pentaho server http://localhost:8080/pentaho//conte...ditor?command= open&solution=steel-wheels&path=analysis &action=Product%20Line%20Sales% 20Trend.xanayzer&line=Classic%20Cars
URL Creates a link that goes to a defined URL http://www.myApplication.com/search?...&myLine=Trains
Self Creates a link to a custom-built web application and refers back to itself as a link. This option is rarely used. N/A

The following link locations depend on their chart type:

In the chart editor, you have several Chart Field options. Depending on the chart type, there are various internal chart fields that can be used by the link and are only available when used within the Edit Chart dialogue box. Go to Formula Editor > Toolbar to see the following options: