Create sub-reports

Pentaho Report Designer

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You can create sub-reports within your current report. This enables you to display data from multiple sources.

Perform the following tasks to create a sub-report:
  1. Drag and drop a Sub-Report element from the Palette to the layout band where you want to display it.
  2. A Sub-Report dialog box will ask if you would like to make this an inline or banded element.
    Choose one.
    • Inline Sub-Reports can be placed side-by-side with other elements (even other Sub-Reports).
    • Banded Sub-Reports occupy a variable height, but 100% of the report page width, so they cannot be on the same line with other elements.
  3. Double-click the Sub-Report element.
    A new report tab will open and capture the window focus.
  4. In the new report tab, establish a data source and create a report as your ordinarily would, keeping in mind that this will be included in the parent report. When you are finished, switch back to the main report tab.
You should now have a report with a separate data source embedded within your current report. You can repeat this process for as many sub-reports as you have data sources.