Add standard design elements

Pentaho Report Designer

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You must have configured a data source and designed a query to refine the data to add a standard design element.

Follow this process to add design elements to a report.

  1. If you have not already done so, click the Structure tab in the upper right pane.
    If the Data tab is selected, you will be unable to edit the attributes or styles of any report elements.
  2. Click the design element you want to add, then drag it into the report band that you want to add it to, roughly in the position where you want it to appear.
    Once the element is placed, it will change from a grey shape to a transparent element with an inline label and blue resize handles.
  3. Click the resize handles and drag them out to the desired dimensions.
  4. If necessary, click the center of the element and drag it to a different location within the layout band.
    You cannot drag an element from one band to another. If you want to move something to a different band, you must cut and paste it. Dragging an element toward the bottom of the band will increase the size of the band.
  5. With the new report element selected, examine the options in the Attributes and Style panes and make any necessary changes or customizations.
    Any changeable aspect of a report element can be changed through these two panes. For a complete reference that explains every property of every element, consult the Element Attributes Reference and Style Properties Reference sections of this section.
  6. To delete an element, click to select it, then press the Delete key, or right-click the element and select Delete from the context menu.
You should now have a properly sized and placed report design element containing the data and options you specified in the Style and Attributes panes. Any of the changes you made in this process can be revisited to further customize the new element.