Create a sparkline chart

Pentaho Report Designer

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Sparkline charts require comma-separated values (CSV) for input. If your data is not in CSV format, you must create a Pentaho Data Integration transformation to put commas between each data point, or you can manually insert commas between your data points.

Perform the following steps to add a sparkline chart to your report:

  1. Drag and drop a Sparkline Pie, Sparkline Bar, or Sparkline Line element into a layout band.
  2. Using the resize handles, change the size of the chart to fit your specifications.
  3. Click the round green + icon in the Value row.
    A formula field will appear.
  4. In the formula field, select the function that formats your sparkline data, or type in comma-separated values by hand directly, then click Close.
  5. Click Preview to verify that your chart appears as intended.