Launch the Data Catalog VMI instance

Get started with Pentaho Data Catalog

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Perform the following steps to launch an instance of the Data Catalog VMI from the Azure Marketplace:

  1. Navigate to the Azure Marketplace, then search for Pentaho Data Catalog.
    Note: You can also launch a Data Catalog instance from the Azure portal.
  2. In the search results, click the Pentaho Data Catalog card.
  3. Review the product details and terms, then click Get It Now.
  4. Review your personal details on the window that opens and click Continue.
    A Pentaho Data Catalog window opens.
  5. Review the product details and terms, then click Create.
    Note: If you don't already have a subscription, you must choose a subscription option.
    The Create a virtual machine page opens.
  6. In the Administrator account section, configure access to the instance using one of the following options for Authentication type:
    • Select SSH public key to use the SSH public key that corresponds to your SSH private key. Enter pentaho for the SSH username.
    • Select Password to authenticate using a username and password.
  7. Click Next: Disks to proceed to the OS disk section, and specify the virtual machine parameters to use for the Data Catalog instance.
  8. Click Next: Networking to proceed to the Network interface section, then specify the virtual network and subset of a Network Security Group that has access to ports 22 and 443.
  9. (Optional) Click through the remaining sections on the page to configure additional settings.
  10. Click Review + Create to review the launch configuration, then click Create instance to launch the instance.
  11. Record the instance’s IP address or URL.

Once the instance is running, you can connect to it using HTTPS in the browser on port 443. You might need to create a new rule or edit an existing rule to allow traffic on port 443 from your desired IP addresses or IP ranges.